• Our Mission

    Vocareum's mission is to bridge the gap between learning and employment.

  • Our Story

    Like Udacity, Coursera, EdX, Khan Academy and others before us, we are inspired by the opportunities to enhance education. Specifically, we recognize that professional-grade practical experience represents a critical complement to classroom education, online or otherwise, on the path to employment. That component of learning, by doing, is what motivated us to start Vocareum and provide the platform for before-the-job training.

  • Our Viewpoint

    Employers often ask for work experience as a way of determining the capability of the candidate. In a lot of cases, this is inefficient for both parties. Even if the candidate has the experience, employers have to evaluate the quality of the experience through inadequate and error prone interviews and reference checks. For candidates, the process of acquiring the requisite experience is a big challenge. We believe that the solution is a platform where high quality, professional-grade projects are available for candidates to learn, execute and demonstrate their capabilities. Vocareum intends to be that platform.

    In order for the platform to be effective we believe that it needs to provide a complete solution that includes enterprise quality projects, a cloud-based infrastructure to execute the projects, a network of mentors and experts to provide help as needed, and an ability to demonstrate the completed projects to prospective employers. Further, employers can use the platform to get validation of the work performed by candidates and where they can build long-term relationships with their future talent pool.

  • Our Plan

    We will be launching soon. If you would like to be kept informed of our progress, please provide the information below.

    If you have experience in mobile technology, big data analytics or cloud infrastructure we would like to hear from you. Please send us your resume at jobs@vocareum.com