Vocareum Offerings

Vocareum Virtual Labs

Trust Vocareum for the lab environments, assessments and LMS integrations to support your residential and online classrooms at MOOC-scale

Simple and cost-effective

Key Features –

  • Pre-configured with latest hardware and software
  • Integrated to your LMS via LTI, SAML or API
  • Rich assessment capabilities include:
    • automated scoring
    • inline code feedback
    • plagiarism detection
    • gamification via leaderboards
    • automatic HW distribution to graders
  • Team projects & peer reviews

Vocareum Product Training & Certification

Skill certifications are now the hottest commodity in education. We have the lab and exam infrastructure for performance-based assessments.

Fully automated, delivered at-scale

Key Features –

  • Schedule and provision lab resources for hands-on exams
  • Manage and deliver unlimited versions of an exam
  • Prevent cheating with online proctoring
  • Automatically grade and report exam results
  • Preserve user work through API and LMS integrations

Increasing value of exams with hands-on performance assessments

Vocareum Campus Cloud

Your learners and researchers need access to the lastest IT solutions. Vocareum can help you upgrade on-campus computer labs and deliver on the promise of the cloud.

Anytime, anywhere.

We can help you –

  • Migrate your Windows Application to the cloud
  • Deliver cloud budgets to departments, classes or research groups
  • Schedule and launch large HPC workloads
  • Bring your own image
  • Manage commercial licenses by running your solutions in your own VPC
  • Find the perfect balance between managing cost and minimizing latencies for the user