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Vocareum is the first Assignment Management System built specifically for Coding. With the exploding demand for computer science education, teachers are faced with a challenge to teach at an unprecedented scale to meet that demand. While there are products in place to give self learners anytime and anywhere access to top-notch classes, Vocareum is focused on helping teacher-led classes scale. Understanding that teachers have limited support, which is amplified with scale, Vocareum makes teachers’ lives significantly easier by reducing the time and cost associated with setting up, managing and grading coding assignments. See why the leading universities are using Vocareum for their Computer Science classes.


Meet the team that is committed to improving the efficiency of teaching computer science at scale with our award winning product. 

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  • Prem Deb


  • Charlene Eng


  • Mark Gogolewski


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  • Guoqing Zhang


“For a few years I have been looking for a solution for my students to turn in code online. A simple solution that would allow me to assign and/or access an assignment, run and review code, give feedback and grade in one place. This year I was super excited to start the new year because I discovered Vocareum. Vocareum has quickly become my platform of choice for my AP Computer Science class assignments. The best part about the platform is that we were up and running very soon after the first day of school started. Plus, the students quickly picked up on how to use and turn in their assignments. I am also very impressed with the Vocareum team. They are always available to help and are truly a phenomenal group. Their engagement in ensuring that my students have a good learning experience is one of a kind. In fact, it has actually been a source of great excitement for my students to be able to directly interact with a silicon valley start-up. I am currently using the platform for authoring, executing and grading my student assignments. I have to also add that their platform has transformed the way teaching and learning occurs in my Computer Science classroom.”

-Alexandra Vlachakis, AP CS Teacher, Sandy Creek High School
“As a new AP Computer Science teacher kick starting Computer Science Program at our high school, I started using Vocareum since the beginning of my course this year. With a large class of 32 students and with less than an hour of instruction a day, Vocareum allows me to access my students java code, compile errors, run time errors, standard input and output anytime any where. I love that feature! Immediately, I can see students progress and see which students need my assistance. As a former software engineer and current educator who has previously piloted other educational platforms, I have to say that Vocareum is user friendly for both teachers and students. We use Vocareum daily. The Vocareum Team is very professional and understands the needs of its users. Through user input and collaboration, Vocareum continues to make Vocareum the best icloud learning for students. Vocareum is certainly a big player in giving more students access to learning to code, a very necessary and desired skill for the 21st Century.”

-Nancy Ureña Reid, Math Teacher, Lincoln High School



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