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About Vocareum

Vocareum is a dedicated team passionate about unlocking the transformative power of AI and cloud computing for learning, research, and enterprise applications



Our mission is to materially increase access and outcomes in education through the power of AI

Our Belief

We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to engage with cutting-edge technologies in a secure and accessible environment. Our commitment is to democratize access to these innovations, enabling learners and professionals alike to push boundaries and achieve their full potential.

Our Platform

We provide a secure, seamlessly integrated platform that grants managed access to industry-leading tools, including OpenAI, Databricks, AWS, Azure, and advanced large language models like Gemini

Our Impact

We are honored to serve a global community of over 4 million users and thousands of educational institutions and industry leaders such as AWS, Databricks, prestigious universities like USC and Cornell, and online platforms like Udacity and Udemy