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Introducing Managed GPUs for AI Education

Cloud-based and budget optimized GPUs for the classroom

Vocareum AI notebook is a web-based, Jupyter compatible notebook built to make it easy for instructors to deliver hands-on learning with AI.

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First-of-Its-Kind, AI Learning Environment

Immerse your learners in a browser-based AI learning experience, leveraging the power of accelerated GPU support and seamless Jupyter Notebook integration.

Cost-Effective GPU Batch Processing

Keep costs low by limiting interactive notebook sessions to CPU and running training jobs on GPU spot instances.

Effortless Deployment and Collaboration

Simplify the deployment and sharing of AI models in production environments. Streamline workflows, integrate with cloud services, and ensure smooth deployment and inference, facilitating effortless transitions from development to production.

Comprehensive Assessment Suite

Save time with auto-grading, manual grading, peer-graded, and multiple-choice assessments, facilitating effective evaluation and tracking of their AI skills.

Training Job Scheduling

Enable efficient learning schedules with our built-in feature for scheduling training jobs, optimizing productivity and flexibility in AI projects.

Persistent Data Storage

Preserve data and work between sessions, ensuring uninterrupted learning journeys and eliminating the need for frequent data reuploads or instance restarts.

Large Dataset Delivery

Seamlessly access and deliver large datasets, providing your learners with hands-on experience in tackling real-world AI challenges.

Seamless LMS Integration

Integrate with popular LMS such as Canvas, Blackboard, and Moodle for a cohesive and streamlined learning experience, simplifying course management and enhancing learner engagement.

OpenAI Integration

Provide access to OpenAI APIs without every learner needing to create their own account. Specify a budget for each learner

Gaurav Sukhatme, Professor & Fletcher Jones Chair in Computer Science & Executive Vice Dean at USC
Gaurav Sukhatme

“Setting up large submissions for homework, assigning graders to their submissions, publishing scores – all that was just much easier with Vocareum.”

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Vocareum's Labs

Vocareum is the hands-on Digital Labs Platform that seamlessly integrates with Learning Management Systems (LMS). Our platform enables instructors to deploy and manage interactive labs in AI, Data Science, Full Stack Programming, Cloud Computing, Data Engineering, and Cybersecurity.

Artificial Intelligence


Deliver hands-on AI learning with Vocareum’s web-based AI notebook. Effortlessly provide cost-managed access to OpenAI and real GPUs, allowing learners to develop the in-demand AI skills employers are seeking.

Data Science


Streamline data science workflows using Vocareum’s web-based Jupyter Notebook. Empower learners to efficiently process and analyze large datasets using Python, R, Julia or C++-based libraries.

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Full Stack Programming with Vocareum’s VS Code Integration


Streamline the learning experience by leveraging Vocareum’s Full Stack Programming environment. Equip learners with a comprehensive toolkit that includes integrated access to databases, a user-friendly IDE, and support for popular languages. With this powerful combination, learners can effortlessly develop client-side and server-side components, gaining mastery in building robust and interactive applications.

Cloud Computing


Offer the ultimate Cloud learning experience with Vocareum’s Cloud Labs. Seamlessly integrate fully managed cloud infrastructure, including popular platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, allowing learners to gain hands-on experience utilizing industry-standard cloud services under your guidance.

Databricks Integration

Empower learners in data engineering and model training with Vocareum’s integrated platform featuring Databricks. Enable them to build robust data pipelines, perform ETL processes, and leverage Databricks’ powerful capabilities for model training, all within Vocareum’s comprehensive learning environment.

Cyber Ranges

Immerse learners in real-world cybersecurity scenarios using Vocareum’s Cyber Range. Configure ranges, conduct hands-on attacks on vulnerable machines, and guide learners in identifying and addressing security gaps, preparing them for the complexities of the cybersecurity landscape under your mentorship.


Case Studies

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What Our Clients Say About Vocareum

"Since AWS already used the Vocareum lab platform for other educational programs, Vocareum was the obvious choice to deliver the labs for our Practical Data Science specialization. Vocareum provides a lab environment that is highly reliable, customizable, scalable, and most importantly, secure."

Chris Fregly

Principal Engineer at AWS

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