Monthly Release Notes - October 19, 2022

Major Updates

  • UI/UX: Provide access to “view/edit” accounts/budget/workarea for “Student View” users via Class tab

Minor Updates

  • API: Add Org-Level Flag for triggering LTI activity logging
  • Cloud: [AWS] Implement concurrency checks in configured regions
  • Cloud: [AWS] AwsLightsail deletion – selectively invoke AwsLightsail delete
  • Cloud: [GCP] Implement policy controls at org and lab level
  • Cloud: [AWS] Option to disable bulk-start at part settings; propagate via course update
  • Container: Create full stack lab for new architecture
  • Grading: Only allow automatic submissions for students who have entered the assignment within the submission window
  • Grading: Timed but unrestricted mode
  • Infrastructure: R kernel support for JupyterLab
  • Infrastructure: [Fleet] When end-lab behavior is terminate and account-reuse is enabled, dispense a fresh lab to returning user
  • Infrastructure: User based run server scaling
  • Security: Allow custom role users to login via the organization’s SAML configuration
  • UI/UX: Show all relevant budgets on the student IDE (monthly and/or total)
  • UI/UX: Class Page – Terminate lab should not open a new tab
  • UI/UX: Show all relevant budgets (time/$, overall/monthly) on the student IDE
  • UI/UX: Performance updates for the Class page

Bug Fixes

  • API: Fix API failure when there are more than one call to create course at same time
  • Cloud: [AWS] Fix Account Access Cleanup Logic
  • Cloud: [AWS] Account Cycling – fix corner case when max # accounts has been reached
  • Grading: Permit manual feedback on quiz labtype
  • Grading: Sections: Graders should only see their students in the drop-down on the grading page
  • Grading: Show grader name for students on student’s assignment page. Don’t show grader name if grader is themself or autograder.
  • Grading: Slip Days option for learners missing in new IDE (JupyterLab)
  • Grading: Fix slow query in grades report daemon.
  • Infrastructure: Prevent team users from being unintentionally added to a team.
  • Infrastructure: [LTI] Orgadmins are not able to properly manage LTI 1.3 deployments from the LTI issuer overview page
  • UI/UX: Escape hatch keys for Basic/Standard Lab Types (Student IDE)
  • UI/UX: Reset’ button (in Basic IDE) not navigable and toggleable via keyboard only
  • UI/UX: Lab status page for an organization s slow to load
  • UI/UX: [GCP] Fix UI for GCP labs (timer, status button)
  • UI/UX: Fix teacher IDE access control in an assignment with team project enabled