Monthly Release Notes - June 15, 2022

Major Updates

  • UI/UX: Add new user interfaces for 2022: JupyterLab, VSCode. These interfaces will be available on a request basis for new courses
  • UI/UX: [Team Projects] Add new “Dashboard > Students” interface for viewing learners and creating/managing teams and team budgets
  • UI/UX: [LTI 1.3] Course-Level Issuer/Deployment for course-specific access

Minor Updates

  • API: Add ‘url’ option to the POST / MCQ release endpoint to support large content uploads
  • Cloud: Remove the “part-specific” option in the course settings. Feature was deprecated in earlier releases, but the option is now also removed
  • Grading: [MCQ] show hints and multi-tab options are enabled by default (API as well)
  • Infrastructure: [Data Pipeline] Save launch, start, init time in lab_sessions file
  • Infrastructure: [Data Pipline] Save enrollment data in enrollments.csv file
  • Infrastructure: [LTI 1.3] Removed reliance to use Deep Linking flow when binding Vocareum assignment to an LMS assignment
  • Infrastructure: [LTI 1.3] Added support for course redirection via ‘vocareum_newcourseids’ custom param
  • UI/UX: Show grader name in learner Grades panel
  • UI/UX: [LTI] Enable org-admin to enable “anonymous” LTI access in course settings
  • UI/UX: Enhance language selector to choose “en” or “en-us” by default; previously, defaulted to “en”, otherwise by alphabetical order
  • UI/UX: [LTI] “Rerun” option for an LTI course – This option is to ‘rerun’ a course which will copy the course to a new course and make sure the LTI links from the original course will reroute to the new course. The original course will become inaccessible via LTI links
  • UI/UX: Addition of ‘Submission Details’ to ‘Details’ modal within Vocareum Elite IDE

Bug Fixes

  • Cloud: Fixed a bug in which the session timer was not updated properly when an end lab is issued immediately after the start lab
  • Cloud: Fixed a bug in Forecast deletion function
  • Grading: Fixed bug where MCQ in “en-us” would not generate rubrics
  • Infrastructure: Fixed a clone-by-copy bug in which assignment settings (budget, time, lab settings) were not copied successfully
  • Infrastructure: Fixed a bug in which copy via API was not working for assignments that were part of a group