Monthly Release Notes - July 15, 2022

Major Updates

  • Cloud: [Azure] Select policy at the part-level from a list

Minor Updates

  • API: [API] Add more course/assignment/part configuration options (GET/PUT)
  • Cloud: [Azure] User spend information populated to data pipeline, analytics, org reports, etc
  • Cloud: Grace Period for Stop Labs – Org admin control to preserve learner account data until certain conditions have exceeded (time, spend)
  • Cloud: [AWS] Re-ordered role deletion action to support services that rely on roles for cleanup
  • Container: Several VS Code extensions and packages added to latest VS Code docker image
  • Container: Preserve IntelliJ state in containers
  • Container: VSCode teacher IDE cleanup
  • Container: IntelliJ type added to new course architecture
  • Infrastructure: [Data Pipeline] Save lab disconnect and concurrent lab count in lab sessions
  • Infrastructure: [AWS] Use high priority queue for End Session handling
  • Infrastructure: Pinging mechanism to measure latency in viewlog
  • UI/UX: [Team] Updated UI for a more compact view, added hover labels to icons and text for clarity. Cleaned up user and team info sections
  • UI/UX: Remove “My Grade” button from student course page when course has “No Submission” enabled
  • UI/UX: After execution, “run” and “build” scripts should return user to originating directory, rather than bring them to home

Bug Fixes

  • API: [MCQ] Fixed MCQ answer keys not being saved to the cloud
  • Infrastructure: Status code for manual deactivation of account mapped to “15” (admin manual deactivation)
  • UI/UX: [Team] Fixed issues with very long team/usernames
  • UI/UX: Resolved 503 errors when switching between Teacher IDE and Student IDE