Monthly Release Notes - August 15, 2022

Minor Updates

  • API: Copy endpoint should also auto-update
  • API: GET assignments/parts should also return the id of the parent assignment/part (masterid, create_method)
  • Cloud: [Grace Period] Provide course-level option to bypass grace-period
  • Cloud: [AWS] Update reaper to support Sagemaker Canvas (app_type = “Canvas”)
  • Container: Release pgAdmin as a new lab type
  • Grading: Allow Vocareum Assignments imported via Canvas’s ‘Pages’ to be gradable
  • Infrastructure: Initial release of site status page at https://status.vocareum.com
  • Infrastructure: [Data Pipeline] Save latency_time in lab_sessions file
  • Infrastructure: New organization flag – Learners also use SAML to make sure their labs can be iFramed in their LMS and users are authenticated using their Vocareum’s SAML/SSO URL
  • Infrastructure: [SSO] When SSO is enabled for an org, require all org-admin to enter via SSO; no direct login
  • UI/UX: Release a new Quiz labtype with new MCQ format (includes bookmarking & free response)
  • UI/UX: When “Teacher Cannot Edit” is enabled in course setting, disallow “Edit/Drop” actions from Enrollment tab
  • UI/UX: On the Submissions Dashboard, add column to list the last submission date
  • UI/UX: Provide instructors with ability to provide students with additional feedback per rubric item
  • UI/UX: Performance improvements on VSCode and Jupyter Lab launch
  • UI/UX: Class dashboard – UI tweaks, additional student/team actions exposed in expanded sidebar menu. Support for viewing lab status of all learners for AWS, VM, and Container Labs
  • UI/UX: Added VM labs to new architecture courses
  • UI/UX: On Home – Course Listing (list view), change course link to “Edit Assignments” page

Bug Fixes

  • Container: Fixed conflict between Teacher IDE and Student container view resulting in 403/503 errors
  • UI/UX: Grace period control in Org settings page was not displayed properly
  • UI/UX: Azure detail spend was not showing service details for a user/part (lab)
  • UI/UX: Fixed intelliJ lab on Chrome not accepting keyboard input