Monthly Release Notes - September 15, 2022

Minor Updates

  • API: [AWS] Extend PUT /resources API to generate read-only credential to user accounts
  • Cloud: [AWS] Configurable regions AWS – handle stop/terminate in selected regions
  • Cloud: [AWS] Provide org-admin controls for account cycling (interval, # accounts)
  • Cloud: [AWS] Add reaper support for Kafka
  • Cloud: [AWS] Self-service bulk operations (fraud deactivation, getinfo) — restricted access
  • Container: Show accesses for Jupyter and Jupyterlab
  • Grading: [MCQ] Added an option to hide rubric name & score
  • Infrastructure: [Custom Roles] Added option to permit access to ‘Lab Budget’ in org-level roles
  • Infrastructure: [LTI 1.3] Add ability to create/manage LTI 1.3 Issuer Sub-accounts/Profiles
  • Infrastructure: Provide interface for users to request account deletion w/ email verification under [Profile] > Settings > Delete Account
  • UI/UX: Don’t show grader name in grades panel if grader is themself
  • UI/UX: In the Home Dashboard: 1) deprecate the card view; 2) add deep links under course listing for teachers and admins
  • UI/UX: Rename ‘Students’ tab to ‘Class’ and promote to main course nav.
  • UI/UX: Revamp navbar styling, add support for searching managed classes, better popup notification support across pages
  • UI/UX: Allow iFraming of the IDE page on LMSs non-LTI
  • VSCode: VSCode code comments

Bug Fixes

  • API: Fix to remove deleted tokens from Personal Access Tokens list
  • Cloud: Block access to a cloud lab with team budget=0
  • UI/UX: Fixed a bug where code comments provided to teams was not visible to learners