Monthly Release Notes - January 17, 2023

Major Updates

  • Infrastructure: [AWS] Bulk Deactivation Update
  • Infrastructure: New Labtype: “Vocareum Notebook” – Enable embedding of executable cells with other content
  • Infrastructure: New Labtype: “Front-end web Development” – For development and grading of HTML/CSS/JS labs
  • Infrastructure: New Labtype: “Vocareum Terminal” – Simple bash terminal (container architecture)
  • Infrastructure: Add MySQL database option to VSCode container

Minor Updates

  • API: [API] Support assignment display order
  • API/LTI: Initial flow for new batch execution/API for verification
  • API/LTI: [LTI 1.3] Create API calls for changing/updating LTI version and adding context id to a course
  • API/LTI: [LTI 1.3] Add ability to sync Vocareum Course Roster/Enrollments with LMS Roster
  • API/LTI: [LTI 1.3] Add support for linking cloned courses with parent courses
  • API/LTI: [API] Enhance the GET /assignments API endpoint to also return part-ids (max 10) in an array
  • Cloud: [GCP] Add/Edit/Delete org-level policies + custom roles
  • Cloud: [AWS] Match assignment-parts requiring certain resources with cloud account pools with appropriate quotas
  • Grading: Include free response MCQ score in total assignment score
  • Grading: Improve grader experience when traversing submissions in JupyterLab
  • Infrastructure: Support instructor/grader roles for SAML authentication
  • Infrastructure: Support two simultaneous Jupyter sessions (container architecture)
  • Infrastructure: Add filters to include/exclude files/folders for submissions and provide API end-points
  • Infrastructure: [Container] Allow users to specify name of image/lab created via “Save Image”
  • Infrastructure: Allow students to submit exams without completing all parts. (Warning for which parts are missing)
  • Infrastructure: Resetting a timed exam for a student will now require them to re-enter the exam passcode
  • UI/UX: Add ‘ctrl+esc’ as alternate escape hatch keys for Vocareum Basic/Standard/Elite labs
  • UI/UX: Allow multiple simultaneous invocations of Terminal-V1 (separate parts on the same page)
  • UI/UX: Allow for instructors to see/change ‘Container Architecture’ flag when creating a new course
  • UI/UX: Show assignment id next to assignment name in copy assignment dropdown
  • UI/UX: Add support for searching by course-id in Home Dashboard
  • UI/UX: Add budget values for VM and Container labs in the Class page

Bug Fixes

  • API/LTI: [LTI 1.3] LTI Launch Request gets a 403 Forbidden Error for some public keyset URLs when user agent isn’t present
  • Cloud: IDE – work folder / default file open behavior does not work when no submission flag is O
  • Cloud: AWS cloud labs returns an authentication error for Team Projects
  • Cloud: Org dashboard charts are continually shrinking on page load
  • Infrastructure: Remove byte order mark from csv so that new users aren’t created when assigning custom roles
  • Infrastructure: Fix issue where Vocareum throws 400 errors indicating size of request header exceeding server limit
  • UI/UX: Allow students in team projects to view grades panel instead of “Invalid access” message
  • UI/UX: VM Lab Sessions modal not loading from Class Page
  • UI/UX: Desktop, RStudio Elite, and MySQL WB lab types incorrectly display the container selection dropdown menu + don’t start the appropriate application within the Student IDE
  • UI/UX: [Vocareum Elite] Submissions file-tree does not get updated on submission
  • UI/UX: Fix addcourse redirecting to homepage when org not set, and cleanup error styling
  • VM: ‘Extend’ for VM Labs not working correctly if session time is set @ course Level