Monthly Release Notes - January 11, 2024

Major Updates

  • API / LTI: Provide API support to get openAI token, budget and spend and set budget for a user

Minor Updates

  • AI: Adding Embedding/Images to Proxy and Cost Calculations
  • AI: Adding Custom GenAI And Multiple Key Support
  • AI: Adding Azure support to OpenAI.vocareum proxy
  • API / LTI: [LTI 1.3] Support Blackboard’s ‘Preview Mode’ (i.e. ‘TestUser’ role)
  • Cloud: Cleanup AWS Bedrock resources
  • Container: [VNB] Terminal Application Support
  • Databricks: Add terminate lab option to class page
  • Databricks: Do not show the “Databricks Workspaces” link when the org does not have DB resources enabled
  • Grading: jupyter grading option to suppress all non-autograded-cell outputs
  • Grading: [VNB] Code Comments Support
  • Infrastructure: Data pipeline (s3) fix for aws service spend – duplicate records
  • Infrastructure: Add Budget parameters in part logging
  • Infrastructure: Mount /voc/solution directory for new container architecture
  • Infrastructure: [VNB] Vocareum Notebook Teacher IDE + Associated Quality Improvements
  • UI/UX: Improve iframe for teacher IDE in Canvas for new container arch courses
  • UI/UX: Added ability to select GPU for interactive server
  • UI/UX: Allow non-orgadmins with correct permissions ability to Add Course on homepage

Bug Fixes

  • Grading: Fix bug exporting wrong grades in analytics table
  • Grading: When clearing outputs from large notebooks via our UI, overwrite the original notebook instead of creating new notebook
  • Infrastructure: Intellij – doing a reset in student-view sometimes results in CF timeout
  • UI/UX: Error in ide when trying to display a html/pdf file with spaces in the name