Monthly Release Notes - November 16, 2022

Minor Updates

  • API: [LTI 1.3] Add Course Search/Pagination to Deep Linking Tool content selector
  • Infrastructure: Provide feedback when bulk-start has been disabled for an assignment
  • UI/UX: Custom Role: Add “Activity Log” permission to enable use of the “Activity” button on Class page
  • UI/UX: Class/Teams page – change button “AWS” to say “Cost”
  • UI/UX: Home Dashboard Search – search terms should be cleared between loads of the page
  • UI/UX: Class page – Present the team info view when searching for a user in the search bar

Bug Fixes

  • API: Update was not copying content that had been uploaded via the api
  • Container: Fix Starting Notebook setting in JupyterLab
  • Container: Fix issue for containers to support file size ulimit in bytes, not blocks
  • Container: Two Containers were inadvertently started from Grader IDE
  • Grading: Invalid Access returned when processing grading report for Teams
  • Infrastructure: Fixed Reset in Student View for “unpublished” assignment does not work.
  • Infrastructure: Fixed issue so Access End Date cannot be set earlier than End Date
  • UI/UX: Fix grading report load issue in StudentView
  • UI/UX: Slow load of editorg page for large orgs
  • UI/UX: Fixed Issue w/ Uploading files to ‘doc’ directory
  • UI/UX: Fix paginated listing of custom role user table
  • UI/UX: Teacher IDE hangs after uploading file and assignment has Submission disabled