Monthly Release Notes - November 1, 2023

Minor Updates

  • API / LTI: API Changes (Increase GET API size cap and update GET response status consistency)
  • Cloud: [AWS] Log lab.policy errors in viewlog
  • Cloud: [GCP] Provide lab setup script support for GCPbuttons to viewcost and fixing issues with dynamodb table view
  • Databricks: [Databricks] Add filters for org/workspace
  • Databricks: [Databricks] Delete user at account level for part-level workspaces on terminate and delete workspace
  • Databricks: [Databricks] Cloud spend reporting via Data Pipeline
  • Grading: [Vocareum Notebook] Improve Grader IDE startup time/performance
  • Grading: [MCQ] Save copy of submission in student view
  • Infrastructure: Allow external access to a container port specified via part configuration (for container architecture only)
  • Infrastructure: Create simplified addcourse page for org admins
  • Infrastructure: Added container termination reason to lab status dashboard
  • Infrastructure: [JupyterLab] User defined batch.sh execution
  • UI/UX: Student assignment page: remove ‘My Grade’ button, make ‘My Work’ button open in new tab
  • UI/UX: Improve search experience on homepage by clearing search on browser back
  • UI/UX: Adding visual changes to dynamodb table
  • UI/UX: Basic Support for showing GPU and openAI budget in class page sidebar
  • UI/UX: New “Sandbox” simple student course page (newarch, nosubmit)
  • UI/UX: From Lab Status, allow click into Student View details
  • UI/UX: Search by User ID on Class page
  • UI/UX: Add section to configure ports for milestone_new, for vscode/jupyter with V3 Proxy

Bug Fixes

  • Grading: [Jupyter Release] When generating a notebook, the starter code isn’t being replaced.
  • Grading: [MCQ] Fixed hints not being displayed correctly when using the old Quiz Flow
  • Grading: Fix bug preventing plagiarism from working on new arch
  • UI/UX: When attempting to display an html file with spaces in Student IDE, 403 error is returned
  • UI/UX: Fix editAsn page not remembering last selected assignment
  • UI/UX: Fix course sections with quotes in the name saving incorrectly
  • UI/UX: Fix Teachers can still do Generate Quiz even when the “Teacher Cannot Add/Edit Content” settings is ON
  • UI/UX: Chrome issues with Grading page – Jupyter