Monthly Release Notes - February 24, 2023

Major Updates

  • Infrastructure: Added support for Databricks labs with AWS
  • Infrastructure: Added support for batch execution on dedicated GPU clusters in JupyterLab
  • Grading: New UI for generating grading scripts, including reference code

Minor Updates

  • API/LTI: [LTI 1.3] Add support for LTI Anonymous
  • API/LTI: [API] Add an API end-point to create new parts – POST /parts
  • API/LTI: [API] Add parameter to set the “LTI Anonymous” parameter in a POST /courses call
  • API/LTI: Additional options for Settings update AI
  • Cloud: [AWS] Account Reuse Dashboard – Add Fraud and Discarded tabs; Org-level list
  • Cloud: [AWS] viewcost – make the “Users” button visible to org-admin and to support cycled accounts
  • Cloud: [AWS] Add account pools usage info in dashboard
  • Container: Save Image – warn users if they are using an existing image name (since it will be overwritten)
  • Container: Add “Replace Image” and “Restart Container” options to Save Image
  • Infrastructure: Support clone by reference for assignments via API + Update clone
  • Infrastructure: Support for cleanup-time (Terminate after x minutes after lab start) for stopped labs at course level
  • Infrastructure: [Data Pipeline] Updates to Azure file and some re-organization of folder structure
  • Infrastructure: JupyterLab – Install Julia 1.6 (in addition to Julia 1.8 which was pre-existing)
  • Infrastructure: “Configure Workspace”/Teacher IDE will no longer launch a container (except for the VSCode and JupyterLab Lab Types)
  • UI/UX: The ability to select ‘File Tree’ as an interface option has been enabled for the container-based labs to allow for ‘Uploads’ (for non-JupyterLab and non-VSCode Lab Types)

Bug Fixes

  • API/LTI: Fixed API calls returning odd characters for course names
  • API/LTI: [LTI 1.3] LMS Roster Sync doesn’t always work if a course has been accessed from multiple (differing) Endpoints
  • Grading: Fix Quiz submission copies being deleted on submit
  • Grading: Add more error reporting to track submission failures
  • Grading: Run submission script from grading page does not work
  • Grading: Fix autograding bugs for team projects
  • Infrastructure: Custom role users also enrolled as students could not enter workarea if student account wasn’t marked as ‘paid’
  • UI/UX: Add course page redirecting to old page when clicking parent assignment
  • UI/UX: Submit button missing from student view exam mode
  • UI/UX: Clear Ouput button not working