Monthly Release Notes - March 24, 2024

Major Updates

  • AI: GenAI key generation management page
  • Infrastructure: Let teachers create an event when they expect entire class to start a lab or exam

Minor Updates

  • API / LTI: [LTI 1.3] Course List Instructor Visibility
  • Cloud: [AWS] Update Deactivate Button (and API) to mark “collateral” accounts with a different status code
  • Cloud: [AWS] Block “eks:CreateEksAnywhereSubscription” in default vocareumCodebuild scp
  • Cloud: [AWS] Requirements for Deactivating Lab Accounts Automatically/API
  • Cloud: [AWS] Add concurrency check for AWS Glue
  • Cloud: [AWS] Update BYO cloud account flow to use vocareumadmin role
  • Cloud: [AWS] Incorporate Fleet tab in awsdashboard
  • Cloud: [AWS] Update service deletion: Sagemaker domain, KMS, Service Catalog, Transcribe, Capacity Reservation
  • Grading: Jupyter release – if no rubrics found, grade.sh is not changed and existing rubrics are not deleted
  • Infrastructure: Class page performance and functionality improvements
  • Infrastructure: Add support for sections to newarch course settings
  • UI/UX: Show Start Lab in Grading Page for Labs That Use A Database
  • UI/UX: [AWS] View user’s AWS lab status info when no member account attached (Class, D->Summary)
  • UI/UX: Rename Assessments to Submissions newarch TA tabbar
  • UI/UX: Re-enable Publish/UnPublish button for educators
  • UI/UX: Restore “Export” buttons in Enrollment, Analytics > Accounts, Lab Cost, Lab Time pages
  • UI/UX: Copy Assignment Search Filter Enhancement (AWS)
  • UI/UX: Add support for add/remove Graders to Class page
  • UI/UX: Move enrollment page to bootstrap 5
  • UI/UX: Showing Number of Associated Child Courses With a Master Template
  • UI/UX: Show courses when copying assignments if user is in an org-level custom role

Bug Fixes

  • UI/UX: Fix issue displaying message for forgot password requests