Monthly Release Notes - May 24, 2023

Major Updates

  • Grading: [Jupyter] Overhauled notebook release flow to allow for the ability to generate and deploy notebook(s) in a single step.

Minor Updates

  • Cloud: [AWS] Enforce concurrency limits for lambda and redshift
  • Cloud: [AWS] Fleet option is not rendering properly for Org Admin users
  • Container: Add voc env vars for learner containers
  • Grading: [Jupyter] Allow code comments to be visible if ‘Publish Grades’ flag is on (regardless of if a grade is given to the submission)
  • Infrastructure: [GPU] Course-level GPU memory limits
  • Infrastructure: Create new view for AWS lifecycle Dynamodb logging / Organize dynamodb funcs
  • UI/UX: Make part name edit in place
  • UI/UX: Filter for failed lab states in course/org lab status table
  • UI/UX: Improve ‘Failed Container/VM Lab’ Notif to reduce/remove False Positives
  • UI/UX: Grading page to be iFramable based on an organization settings
  • VM: Improve Lab Status Indication + Communicate VM Lab expiry status to the learner

Bug Fixes

  • API/LTI: [LTI 1.3] External ID not being properly recorded
  • API/LTI: Start button appearing in LTI non-passcode labs
  • Grading: Auto-Submit submissions should also be graded when Auto-Grade on Submit is selected
  • UI/UX: Cannot visit another teacher’s Student-View unless the assignment is published
  • UI/UX: Fixes for edit assignment to display accurate part data
  • UI/UX: Fix terminate options not hiding in new milestones UI
  • UI/UX: Configure workspace not launching from milestones_new
  • VM: If Reset button is enabled for a VM lab, it will terminate the VM lab
  • VM: VM-Labs: Get cryptic popup flashing when going to workspace after termination