Monthly Release Notes - August 1, 2023

Major Updates

  • Infrastructure: [GPU] Release Vocareum “AI Notebook”
  • Infrastructure: Integration with SchoolYear for secure exams
  • Infrastructure: Create UI for part save logging(history)
  • UI/UX: Add budget support for GPU assignments to class page, milestones_new
  • UI/UX: Create User Lab Activity UI

Minor Updates

  • API / LTI: [API] Add API end-point to get the user & LTI information for a given user and org
  • API / LTI: [API] Fix issues with course copying operation
  • API / LTI: [LTI 1.3] Add ‘Faculty’ as an acceptable roles
  • API / LTI: [LTI] Make ‘Clone and Redirect Course’ feature available to Brightspace/D2L
  • Cloud: [AWS] Support stopping sagemaker canvas as part of stop-lab definition
  • Cloud: [AWS] Add AwsTransfer delete functions
  • Infrastructure: Allow orgadmins to access Jobs table
  • UI/UX: Change UI Layout in AWS lifecycle table
  • UI/UX: [Databricks] generate an env variable VOC_RESOURCE_TAGS to hold unique identifier(s) for a lab
  • UI/UX: Class Page – Provide controls to “Stop” or “Terminate” lab for an active student session

Bug Fixes

  • API / LTI: Data pipeline: the course query did not retrieve all courses
  • API / LTI: [API] Fix bug in PUT /part update request
  • API / LTI: [API] Fix copy assignment API status not properly being updated by the daemon + fix parallel copy assignment API calls
  • API / LTI: [LTI] Allow for assignment id to be defined as a custom param when doing an LTI resource launch
  • Infrastructure: Fix asn publish errors never reaching front end hanging forever