Monthly Release Notes - September 19, 2023

Major Updates

  • API/LTI: [LTI 1.3] Lead-In Page Feature Implementation
  • Databricks: [Databricks] Support for course level workspace for a use

Minor Updates

  • API / LTI: [LTI 1.3] Allow for the same Developer Key/Issuer to exist within multiple Orgs
  • API / LTI: [LTI 1.3] Allow LTI launches where a context id isn’t defined
  • API / LTI: [LTI 1.3] Send comments along with scores via LTI 1.3 Grade Passback
  • Cloud: [AWS] Add Cloudtrail delete functions
  • Cloud: [AWS] Add Synthetics delete function
  • Cloud: Adding logging buttons to viewcost and fixing issues with dynamodb table view
  • Container: intellij + aws labs hang intermittently at launch
  • Databricks: [Databricks] Support for copying startercode to DB workspace and submission notebook(s) from DB workspace
  • Grading: Show “Submitted” in Submissions Table For Assignments With No Deadline
  • Infrastructure: (DynamoDB logging) Remove filtering option in UI
  • Infrastructure: Added GPU/OpenAI budget controls to JupyterLab lab type
  • Infrastructure: Process/automation to validate that AWS labs are starting after a hotfix
  • Infrastructure: Add course-level budgets for GPU & OpenAI
  • UI/UX: Indicate host name in the tab name if VM lab is opened in a new tab. For instructors opening students’ work area, include student name also
  • UI/UX: Show the creation method when there is a parent course under Course settings (clone-by-copy or -reference)
  • UI/UX: Fix navbars styling, accessibility, and logic. Fix dashboard responsive UI

Bug Fixes

  • API / LTI: [API] Get Assignments API giving duplicate and missing entries
  • Cloud: [AWS] When an AWS account is discarded, end the user’s session to clean up the database entries
  • Grading: [BUG] Publish Grades action should also turn on/off gradespublishoption
  • Infrastructure: [BUG] User with a custom role + org-admin not able to access Vocareum and gets 500 error
  • UI/UX: [Chrome issues with Jupyter] – Students are not able to submit Jupyter Notebook using Google Chrome
  • UI/UX: [BUG] when an org doesn’t have any courses, it is not possible for an orgadmin to generate an API token
  • UI/UX: [BUG] View/Edit Budget dialog failing to save changes