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AI Notebook

Cloud-based & budget optimized GPUs for the classroom


The Jupyter-based AI Notebook by Vocareum provides cloud-based GPUs w/ budget control & optimization for AI education. Immerse your learners in a browser-based AI learning experience, leveraging the power of accelerated GPU support & seamless Jupyter Notebook integration.

With direct integration to your LMS, instructors and their students get single-click access to GPUs for class instruction and assignments.

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Auto-grading for rubric-based assessments

Provide feedback directly in learners' codes / submissions

Compare student assignment submissions to ensure integrity

Automatic ranking of learners' submissions on leaderboard

Automatic homework distribution to graders

Integrated to Your LMS

Integration with all popular LMS including Canvas, Blackboard, D2L, Moodle, Sakai, edX, Coursera, and more via LTI

Team Projects and Peer Reviews

Support for team coding projects in a shared workspace, with the ability for learners to review and execute peer code

Single Platform for All Learning Needs

Use it for bootcamps or online, residentials, exams

Rich Collaboration Capabilities

Pending description


Rich Collaboration Capabilities

AWS and Azure Lab

AWS and Azure Lab can help manage the budgets, resource policies, and delivery of credentials to learners.

Assignment Management

Instructors can set up rules and resources for assignments and assessments.

Exam Management

Provide secure and timed coding exams with passcodes and auto-grading.

Resource Management

Instructors can create budgets, policies, and limits.

Rest API

Rest API is available for custom integration solutions.


  • Effortless Deployment and Collaboration: Simplify the deployment and sharing of AI models in production environments. Streamline workflows, integrate with cloud services, and ensure smooth deployment and inference, facilitating effortless transitions from development to production.
  • Comprehensive Assessment Suite: Save time with auto-grading, manual grading, peer-graded, and multiple-choice assessments
  • Large Dataset Delivery: Seamlessly access and deliver large datasets, providing your learners with hands-on experience in tackling real-world AI challenges.
  • Training Job Scheduling: Enable efficient learning with our built-in training job scheduler, optimizing productivity and flexibility in AI projects.
  • Persistent Data Storage: Preserve data and work between sessions, ensuring uninterrupted learning journeys and eliminating the need for frequent data reuploads or instance restarts.
  • Cost-Effective GPU Batch Processing: Keep costs low by limiting interactive notebook sessions to CPU and running training jobs on GPU spot instances.
  • Seamless LMS Integration: Integrate with popular LMS such as Canvas, Blackboard, and Moodle for a cohesive and streamlined learning experience, simplifying course management and enhancing learner engagement.
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  • What kind of GPUs are available?
  • How do I access the GPUs?
    • Access GPUs through the Vocareum Notebook that integrates seamlessly with your LMS.
  • How much does it cost?
    • $10/month/active learner + AWS GPU charges (Vocareum ensures direct pass-through, retaining no GPU revenue).
  • How do I manage variable GPU costs?
    • Set a per user budget, create batch jobs and time constraints all through the Vocareum Notebook. You can also leverage spot instances for more cost control.
  • How do I set up a Vocareum Notebook?
    • More information here.