Products Overview

Vocareum's Labs

Vocareum is the hands-on Digital Labs Platform that seamlessly integrates with Learning Management Systems (LMS). Our platform enables instructors to deploy and manage interactive labs in AI, Data Science, Full Stack Programming, Cloud Computing, Data Engineering, and Cybersecurity.

With features like auto-grading, group projects, and a comprehensive range of tools and environments, Vocareum provides a dynamic educational experience for learners to gain practical, hands-on skills in cutting-edge technologies.


Auto-grading for rubric-based assessments

Provide feedback directly in learners' codes / submissions

Compare student assignment submissions to ensure integrity

Automatic ranking of learners' submissions on leaderboard

Automatic homework distribution to graders

Integrated to Your LMS

Integration with all popular LMS including Canvas, Blackboard, D2L, Moodle, Sakai, edX, Coursera, and more via LTI

Team Projects and Peer Reviews

Support for team coding projects in a shared workspace, with the ability for learners to review and execute peer code

Single Platform for All Learning Needs

Use it for bootcamps or online, residentials, exams

Rich Collaboration Capabilities

Pending description


Rich Collaboration Capabilities

AWS and Azure Lab

AWS and Azure Lab can help manage the budgets, resource policies, and delivery of credentials to learners.

Assignment Management

Instructors can set up rules and resources for assignments and assessments.

Exam Management

Provide secure and timed coding exams with passcodes and auto-grading.

Resource Management

Instructors can create budgets, policies, and limits.

Rest API

Rest API is available for custom integration solutions.

Artificial Intelligence


Deliver hands-on AI learning with Vocareum’s web-based AI notebook. Effortlessly provide cost-managed access to OpenAI and real GPUs, allowing learners to develop the in-demand AI skills employers are seeking.

Data Science

Streamline data science workflows using Vocareum’s web-based Jupyter Notebook. Empower learners to efficiently process and analyze large datasets using Python, R, Julia or C++-based libraries.

Full Stack Programming with Vocareum’s VS Code Integration

Streamline the learning experience by leveraging Vocareum’s Full Stack Programming environment. Equip learners with a comprehensive toolkit that includes integrated access to databases, a user-friendly IDE, and support for popular languages. With this powerful combination, learners can effortlessly develop client-side and server-side components, gaining mastery in building robust and interactive applications.

Cloud Computing

Offer the ultimate Cloud learning experience with Vocareum’s Cloud Labs. Seamlessly integrate fully managed cloud infrastructure, including popular platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, allowing learners to gain hands-on experience utilizing industry-standard cloud services under your guidance.

Databricks Integration

Empower learners in data engineering and model training with Vocareum’s integrated platform featuring Databricks. Enable them to build robust data pipelines, perform ETL processes, and leverage Databricks’ powerful capabilities for model training, all within Vocareum’s comprehensive learning environment.

Cyber Ranges

Immerse learners in real-world cybersecurity scenarios using Vocareum’s Cyber Range. Configure ranges, conduct hands-on attacks on vulnerable machines, and guide learners in identifying and addressing security gaps, preparing them for the complexities of the cybersecurity landscape under your mentorship.