Vocareum Launches Budget-Optimized GPUs for Education in AWS Marketplace


AI background

Education in artificial intelligence (AI) demands cutting-edge resources that can keep up with the innovative pace of the industry. Vocareum’s Jupyter-based AI Notebook has risen to the occasion, offering cloud-based GPUs with a keen eye on budget control and optimization, designed specifically for AI education environments. This solution is now conveniently available in the AWS Marketplace, ensuring educational institutions can streamline their procurement process.

As a part of Vocareum’s commitment to enhancing AI learning, our browser-based AI Notebook allows students to dive deep into their studies, utilizing accelerated GPU support and benefiting from the familiar and robust Jupyter Notebook environment. As an established player in the educational technology space, Vocareum’s solutions are now more accessible than ever, directly aligning with AWS’s mission to empower educational institutions with the tools needed to train the next generation of AI professionals.



Product Highlights:

Cost-Effective GPU Batch Processing: Institutions can now maximize their budgets by reserving GPU resources for intensive training jobs and maintaining CPU usage for interactive sessions. This smart allocation helps manage costs without compromising on computational power.

Seamless LMS Integration: The integration process is a breeze, offering single-click GPU access for both instructors and students. This direct integration with Learning Management Systems (LMS) makes transitioning into hands-on AI learning sessions as simple as a mouse click.

Robust Security: Security isn’t an afterthought. Vocareum provides a suite of security features including role-based access control, data encryption, and intrusion detection, ensuring that the integrity and privacy of student work remain intact.

This strategic move to offer our solution in the AWS Marketplace is a testament to Vocareum’s decade-long evolution and its collaboration with prominent institutions and companies. Our platform has been crafted with the foresight to address and adapt to the diverse and growing demands of both Higher Education and enterprise learning.

As businesses and educational institutions worldwide seek to harness cloud technology’s potential, Vocareum, in partnership with AWS, is thrilled to provide a tool that not only scales with the needs of the classroom but does so in a cost-effective and secure manner. We’re proud to contribute to the development of vital cloud skills and innovation in AI education.

Discover the Future of AI Learning:

Vocareum’s AI Notebook is more than just a tool – it’s a gateway to advanced, practical education in AI. By integrating with AWS Marketplace, we’re excited to offer a streamlined path to adoption for classrooms around the world. For more information on how to integrate Vocareum’s AI Notebook into your curriculum, visit our listing in the AWS Marketplace.