Vocareum Campus Cloud Makes the Transition to Cloud Easy for Campus IT Administrators

For campus IT administrators looking to transition their classroom and research computing needs to the cloud, there’s a new option available: Vocareum Campus Cloud. Unlike legacy campus IT solutions, which depend on physical on-premise computing resources and expensive hardware infrastructure, the new Vocareum Campus Cloud is easy to deploy, flexible, and highly scalable across a variety of user needs. Best of all, Vocareum Campus Cloud makes it possible to deliver best-in-class computing power via the cloud at a fraction of the cost of traditional campus IT computing solutions.

How Vocareum meets the needs of campus IT

The rapid advancement of cloud computing platforms is making the traditional approach to solving campus IT needs – building out costly on-premise IT infrastructure and spending capital for new computing hardware – look outdated and antiquated by comparison.

Vocareum Campus Cloud solves this problem by making it very easy to deploy and manage cloud resources. It is a flexible, scalable solution that can be used across a variety of use cases. For example, in a base case scenario, it can be used to provide Windows-based applications to users (both students and faculty members), across a variety of geographical locations. Instead of a centralized computing cluster, this is much more of a distributed system, in which computing power is delivered to the edges of a network and made available to all users wherever they may be. 

Upgrade from the traditional computing lab to a cloud-based lab

Increasingly, campus IT administrators recognize that their learners and researchers need access to fast, robust IT solutions. Vocareum helps you upgrade your on-premise computer labs and deliver on the full promise of the cloud. With its “anytime, anywhere” functionality, Vocareum Campus Cloud helps you meet the computing needs of every IT stakeholder at your educational institution. Let us help you:

  • Migrate Windows apps to the Cloud
  • Deliver cloud budgets to departments, classes or research groups
  • Schedule and manage HPC workloads
  • Manage commercial licenses and software upgrades

Instead of investing in on-premise computing facilities that will soon be obsolete and are often general-purpose in nature, you get access to state-of-the-art computing resources via the cloud. Instead of worrying about building out the necessary computer infrastructure on a campus-wide basis, Vocareum handles everything for you within the cloud.

Visibility, Control, and Efficiency

With Vocareum Campus Cloud, all resources are fully managed, thereby eliminating any risk of runaway costs. In other words, you don’t have to worry about academic researchers in disciplines such as artificial intelligence or machine learning over-using their computing resources. It’s easy with Vocareum Campus Cloud to set up rules when certain resources have been exhausted.

And, rather than encountering delays and setbacks when researchers or faculty members lack the time or expertise to implement and manage large-scale computing resources, all of this happens behind the scenes, thanks to the world-class team at Vocareum.

For that reason, a number of the nation’s top research universities – including University of Washington and University of Notre Dame – have already begun to implement Vocareum cloud-based solutions. It’s much easier to help large groups manage their cloud computing resources when you use Vocareum.

Features and benefits of Vocareum Campus Cloud

When you choose the Vocareum Campus Cloud, you get a number of tremendous benefits. As a Campus IT administrator, you can:

  • Deploy and deliver open-source and commercially licensed software
  • Manage computing resources in order to eliminate runaway costs
  • Provide completely managed labs without the need for on-premise expertise
  • Offer rules for different computing contexts (e.g. learning vs. research)

Overall, there are eight key features that create a very compelling value proposition for Vocareum Campus Cloud. As a Campus Cloud administrator, you can:

  • Set spending budgets for cloud credentials
  • Deliver a shared fleet of resources to achieve maximum efficiency
  • Enable users to launch batch jobs on specialized resources
  • Deliver licenses from your private cloud
  • Set policies at a group or class level
  • Authenticate using SAML, LTI or custom SSO
  • Set policies for budget exhaustion
  • Report by cost or time spent

In short, by using the Vocareum Campus Cloud, you are able to leverage the tremendous power of the cloud to achieve your overall IT goals while keeping a close eye on resources (both monetary and computing) being used. 

Universities that have already partnered with Vocareum include the following: Arizona State University, Columbia University, Singapore University of Technology & Design, Northwestern/Kellogg, Cornell University, USC, Penn State, and UC San Diego. Vocareum prides itself on designing solutions for the world’s top educational institutions, whether that means computer science course management or sophisticated lab offerings.

A cloud computing platform with an eye on the future

When you look at all the rapid technological changes that are happening in the computing field, it’s easy to see why the scalable, innovative solution from  Vocareum Campus Cloud makes sense. High-Performance Computing (HPC) is just one example of how computing needs have changed dramatically within just a short period of time. It’s no longer the case that only researchers in traditional scientific fields need access to HPC resources. Almost every academic discipline is being transformed by Big Data, and the only way to crunch all that data is with HPC resources. That’s why Vocareum Campus Cloud specifically was designed to accommodate the potential computing needs of quantitative, data-driven academic disciplines. It’s easier than ever before to tap into the HPC capabilities of the cloud, whether you are a graduate student working on a grant proposal or a tenured faculty member working on a new project.

The spirit of innovation is really at the core of the Vocareum Campus Cloud solution. Recognizing the amazing advances happening in fields such as quantum computing and machine learning, we’re already adding more and more powerful functionality to Vocareum Campus Cloud that makes it possible to do cutting-edge, ultra-powerful computing in the cloud. That’s the reason, for example, that Cornell University [link] has already adopted Vocareum Campus Cloud for its machine learning computing needs.

In short, Vocareum is a cloud computing platform with an eye on the future. Based on our experience and expertise in delivering world-class Classroom, Certification and Labs solutions to some of the biggest and most prestigious universities in North America, we are now pleased to present Vocareum Campus Cloud as a way to tie together all academic computing needs on campus into one convenient, cloud-based platform. 

The cloud is waiting.

Are you ready to transform your Campus IT and join the cloud computing revolution? We’re ready to work with you to design a tailored, flexible solution that fits your current cloud computing needs.