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Cloud Computing - AWS

Vocareum AWS Labs for Cloud Computing

Vocareum offers policy-based managed access to a specified, capped amount of AWS cloud resources without requiring learners to provide credit cards for payment. The resources reside in your organization’s or Vocareum’s AWS parent accounts.

Vocareum AWS labs can be delivered as standalone sandbox environments, hands-on labs with instructional material, or as auto-graded challenge labs.   

Vocareum’s highly-available and scalable platform manages access and cost for over a million users and 4 million AWS accounts. 

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Main Features

  • Account Management – set up organization, provision accounts, enroll and drop learners, budgeting
  • Credential Management – establish policy & privileges, issue temporary credentials
  • Resource Monitoring – track resource, suspend accounts, terminate services
  • Notification Services – alerts to organization admin, instructor, and learners
  • Vocareum Terminal – learner access to AWS

Additional Features

  • Provide managed learner access via temporary security credentials
  • Easy enrollment; no need to set up separate AWS accounts for learners, instructors, etc.
  • Full control over resource policy: regions, services, #, budget, duration, etc.
  • Tiered and managed billing at Org, Course, or learner levels
  • Flexible resource management of unused resources
  • Secure, audited access to cloud resources
  • Bring-your-own (BYO) AWS parent accounts
  • Integrated to Vocareum LMS for assignments and assessments
  • Integration to 3rd party tools via LTI and Vocareum REST API
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  • How much does it cost?
    • $10/month/active learner + AWS charges (Vocareum ensures direct pass-through, retaining no GPU revenue)