Latest Past Events

[Webinar] Teaching Machine Learning with Vocareum featuring Professor Yoav Freund

Professor Yoav Freund currently teaches at UCSD's School of Computer Science and Engineering. He mainly works on machine learning, probability theory and etc. He is most known for his work on the AdaBoost algorithm which is used to combine many "weak" learning machines to create a more robust one. During the webinar, will share how he uses […]

[Webinar] Introduction of AWS Educate with Suyog Deshpande

Suyog has been working for AWS since April 2016. He's currently a Senior Technical Product Manager where he helped build and launch AWS Educate Classrooms. It is one of the most successful products in AWS Educate. AWS Educate mission is to bring cloud computing to students and educators worldwide. During the webinar, he will introduce […]

[Webinar] Teaching Data Science with Jupyter and Data8 with Vocareum featuring Professor David P. Williamson

David is a professor at Cornell University in the School of Operations Research and Information Engineering. Professor Williamson works in the area of discrete optimization by designing efficient heuristics with provable performance guarantees for NP-hard optimization problems. During the webinar, he will share his experience with using Vocareum to teach Data Science with Jupyter and […]