Innovations in AI Education with Managed GPUs and Budget Controls

Webinar on 08/24/2023

For those of you who missed our Thursday (8/24) webinar, we have included a recording below.

In this webinar, there was an overview of Vocareum followed by a demo of the Vocareum AI notebook — a platform that can enhance your AI education and research capabilities through efficient GPU-accelerated batch job scheduling.

The Vocareum AI Notebook enables you to manage your research tasks with optimal budgeting and cost management. With the ability to queue long-running jobs and launch GPU servers specifically for executing these tasks, you can harness the full potential of GPUs without worrying about excessive expense. This cost-effective approach allows researchers to make the most of GPUs without incurring unnecessary expenses, making our solution particularly appealing for institutions seeking affordable GPU resources.

If you have any additional questions or comments, please contact info@vocareum.com.