Introduction of AWS Educate with Suyog Deshpande

Webinar on 07/09/2020

For those of you who missed our Thursday (7/9) webinar with special guest, Suyog Deshpande, we have included a recording below and a downloadable copy of the PowerPoint slides that were used by Suyog.

Instructors everywhere use AWS Educate Classrooms to create virtual spaces for students to learn about the cloud in a hands-on environment. Each classroom is tailored to a different topic, including cloud basics, big data, and machine learning. During the webinar, Suyog Deshpande, a Senior Technical Product Manager at AWS, introduced AWS Educate and shared tips and tricks for using the AWS Educate Classroom and Starter Account Programs effectively. Mr. Deshpande has been working for AWS since April 2016. He helped build and launch AWS Educate Classrooms, one of the most successful products in AWS Educate.

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Webinar Slides – AWS Educate