Teaching Machine Learning with Vocareum featuring Professor Yoav Freund

Webinar on 07/23/2020

For those of you who missed our Thursday (7/23) webinar with special guest, Yoav Freund, we have included a recording below and a downloadable copy of the PowerPoint slides that were used by Yoav.

Professor Yoav Freund currently teaches at UCSD’s School of Computer Science and Engineering. He mainly works on machine learning, probability theory and etc. He is most known for his work on the AdaBoost algorithm which is used to combine many “weak” learning machines to create a more robust one. During the webinar, Professor Yoav Freund will shared how he uses Vocareum in his Machine Learning courses.

If you have any additional questions or comments, please contact info@vocareum.com.

PDF File: Webinar Slides – Yoav Freund

Public git: https://github.com/yoavfreund/Public-DSC291.git