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Bring AI to Your Institution

Transform education, training, and enterprise operations through fully managed AI services.

"We've standardized on Vocareum's education technology platform for our asynchronous, instructor-led and bootcamp courses, providing learners with hands-on, full-access experiences in Databricks."
Rochana Golani
VP, Learning and Enablement



AI Control Center

The AI Control Center serves as the nucleus for AI management within your institution, offering a comprehensive platform for overseeing AI resources, user activities, budgeting, and permissions. It simplifies the coordination of AI-related activities across various departments, including research, education, and campus operations. Key features include:

  • Centralized management of AI use across your institution.
  • Simplified account and deployment administration, along with API key and access policy management.
  • Budget oversight and resource allocation optimization through detailed analytics.
  • Access controls for AI application development and distribution.


AWS Bedrock


Llama 2


AI Sandbox

The AI Sandbox is your secure playground to learn, experiment, and build with cutting-edge generative AI technology. Features include:

  • Practice and test your AI ideas in a secure sandbox environment. Make mistakes, learn from them, and iterate freely without compromising real-world data.
  • Explore the capabilities of state-of-the-art generative AI models like ChatGPT, Gemini, Llama2, Mistral, and more. Practice techniques like Prompt Engineering, Fine-Tuning, and LangChain in a safe environment.
  • Bring your AI creations to life. Upload your own datasets to train personalized AI models and applications.
  • Effortlessly share your AI projects with the world. Vocareum simplifies deployment, allowing you to showcase your work and implement it in the real world. 

AI Tutor

The AI Tutor offers personalized, 24/7 learning assistance, utilizing AI to deliver targeted support based on individual student needs and course materials. Features include:

  • Round-the-clock, personalized tutoring.
  • Natural language interaction for ease of use.
  • Reliable, accurate support with safeguards against misinformation.
  • Direct integration into learning platforms for seamless access.

AI Assisted Assessments

AI Assisted Assessments focuses on streamlined creation of adaptive assessments to closely monitor and respond to each student’s learning progress, offering personalized content and difficulty adjustments. Key benefits include:

  • Real-time adaptive learning assessments to personalize education.
  • Easy upload and automatic categorization of course materials into distinct learning domains.
  • AI-driven generation of new assessment questions from existing materials to align with teaching objectives and enhance the learning journey
  • Comprehensive review and refinement tools to ensure content meets educational objectives.
  • Customizable chatbot tutors for targeted, real-time student assistance.

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Standard Plan

  • Create and manage courses
  • Integrate to LMS via LTI
  • Autograde student submissions
  • Support team projects
Per user
Gaurav Sukhatme, Professor & Fletcher Jones Chair in Computer Science & Executive Vice Dean at USC
Gaurav Sukhatme

“Setting up large submissions for homework, assigning graders to their submissions, publishing scores – all that was just much easier with Vocareum.”


Enhanced Assessment, Collaboration, & Engagement

Comprehensive Assessment Suite including auto-grading, in-line feedback, peer review and collaboration, team projects, and shared workspace

Seamless Integration

LMS, LTI, flexible Jupyter Notebooks, Docker compatible

AI Model Development & Deployment

GPU Acceleration, TensorFlow, PyTorch, and Scikit-Learn integration

Efficient Management & Class Analytics

Advanced analytics and instructor dashboard, granular roles and permissions

Simplified Instruction

Release large datasets, customize each lab with packages, datasets, and starter code

Compliance & Scalability

Scale to accommodate millions of users while complying with GDPR and FERPA regulations. Ensure accessibility compliance with VPAT

Who Can Use Virtual Labs?

Higher Education, Research, and Corporate institutions can use virtual labs to deliver their programs better.





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