Monthly Release Notes - April 13, 2023

Minor Updates

  • API/LTI: [LTI 1.3] Create Course Cloning Flow for Instructors that will automatically redirect LTI links to clone
  • API/LTI: [API] Extend PUT and GET /grades API for assignment comments and code comments
  • API/LTI: Always show the assignment LTI link even when “Teacher cannot edit” course setting is enabled
  • API/LTI: [Docebo] Support Course Sessions compatibility via LTI
  • API/LTI: [LTI 1.3] Have LTI Anonymous use ‘lti user id’ and ‘lti client id’
  • API/LTI: Export VOC_LTI_USER_ID as output parameter in GET /users API endpoint
  • API/LTI: [API/LTI 1.3] Add API endpoint to make changes to Course’s LTI Settings (add/edit/delete Client ID, sub-org issuer/dev keys, etc.)
  • Cloud: [AWS] Add Redshift concurrency checks and instance types in edit-org page
  • Cloud: [Azure] Add Support for ‘Synapse’ Service Selection
  • Grading: Add Generate-Output support to autograde tests
  • Grading: [Exam] Add different controls to “Retake exam” and “Reset exam timer”
  • Grading: [MCQ] Remove requirement that different language assessments/rubrics must match
  • Infrastructure: Teacher-level flag to launch fleet
  • Infrastructure: Add more permission to create courses in an org-level custom role
  • Infrastructure: Add all submission info to the data-pipeline, not just latest
  • Infrastructure: Add Fraud Data to Data Pipeline
  • UI/UX: Dashboard for execution job
  • UI/UX: Show link to resource dashboard for custom role and show org in org selector
  • UI/UX: Add Indication of whose Workspace an instructor is viewing in Student IDE
  • UI/UX: Org settings for hiding grade panel in the grading page
  • UI/UX: Add support for sections to the class page

Bug Fixes

  • API/LTI: [LTI 1.1/1.3] Learners in anonymous Vocareum classes accessing through Canvas must refresh the page to see the Voc terms and conditions
  • API/LTI: Fix issue with parallel APIs for copying assignments/parts
  • Cloud: Validate concurrency checks are in place for newly assigned AWS accounts
  • Grading: [MCQ] Fixed generate quiz failure not displaying an error message & incorrect rubric HTML class
  • Grading: 403 Forbidden Error when attempting to access/open .html files from submissions
  • Grading: Part cannot be configured with new grading criterion due to save failure
  • Infrastructure: Fatal Error in query/start/end lab in ta view
  • Infrastructure: Validate server status before launching container on start-lab
  • Infrastructure: Clone operation includes blank-space in Email field, resulting in error message
  • UI/UX: Class page user info missing grade info
  • UI/UX: Fix the “Manage” pull down to render the list properly when there are custom roles in the course names
  • UI/UX: Bring back Autograde option for a new rubric item
  • UI/UX: Grading report view is too small cutting off text
  • UI/UX: Prevent Automatic Switching to ‘Details’ tab during IDE initialization
  • VM: VM-Labs: Get cryptic popup flashing when going to workspace after termination